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Christmas decorating services

Whether you are looking for commercial Christmas decorations or for residential ones, for indoors or outdoors, our decoration and installation services are for you! Dress your office, store front, terrace, restaurant, hotel or private house. It's never too early to plan your Christmas decoration. Alphaplantes' Christmas workshop is open all year!                                                                                                

* NEW *

Our Christmas decorations service is now offered exclusively to customers with whom we already have contracts for plants rental, care or landscaping.


You are welcome to contact us for a free evaluation.

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All included decoration services

  • Sale or rental of trees and decorations for indoors and outdoors
  • Delivery, installation, dismantling and storage of your decorations
  • Sale, delivery and care of poinsettias
  • Sale and delivery of thematic arrangements, natural or artificial

For a single tree or for a complete decor, our installation team delivers and sets up everything promptly, without disturbing your activities. After the season, we swiftly remove everything in the same professional and discreet way and will store your decorations for the next year.

Download our form here to order your poinsettias.

All included decoration services

Save by choosing a combination of our standard colors

Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_01
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_02
Grey blue-Gold-Silver-Black
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_03
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_04
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_05
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_06
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_07
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_09
Copper-Gold-Grey blue-Burgundy
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_10
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_12
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_11
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_13
White-Silver-Grey blue
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_16
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_14
Grey blue-Silver-Blue-White
Décorations des fêtes_palette de couleur_08

Rent Christmas decorations!

Here are a few examples of rental prices for our standard colors.                                                                            (delivery, installation and dismantling costs not included)

Christmas tree, lit and decorated
6.5' tree From $700/year
7.5' tree From $944/year 
9' tree From $1505/year
Decorated garlands
unlit lit
6' garland From $258/year From $300/year
9' garland From $387/year From $450/year
12' garland From $516/year From $600/year
Decorated wreaths
 unlit lit 
36" wreath From $235/year From $351/year
48" wreath From $392/year From $543/year
60" wreath From $607/year From $844/year

Custom made Christmas trees and arrangements

You wish to enjoy an exclusive decor? Choose our custom made option. We will design a theme with personalized decorations just for you, respecting your budget and timeline.

Take an appointment today with our designers for a free evaluation.

Decoration des fetes_sapin prestige 2

Get inspired by our achievements

See a few examples of Holiday decors we have created.

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