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Alphaplantes: The expert in interior plant rental & plant maintenance

Our mission

Since 1970, Alphaplantes improves work environments and commercial spaces through interior plants. With our expertise and long experience, we are able to select the plants that are the best adapted to the difficult conditions of indoors spaces.

We deliver all our plants in the best conditions possible and install them in the right places, according to your needs and to our great knowledge, so that you can enjoy their many benefits. Our all-included maintenance service is guaranteed, for your continuous and long-term wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide a greener, healthier, nicer and more stimulating environment, on a permanent basis, through the range of our services.

What distinguishes us

Over time, Alphaplantes expanded in acquiring many competitors, which allowed to enlarge the team and develop new high quality services. We are now able to help our customers in several areas related to design, layout and decoration. Our residential clientele, almost nonexistent at the beginning, became very important thanks to our versatility.

Our professional mobile team of consultants will visit your location and support you during your project, to assure your satisfaction. Alphaplantes owns a very large inventory of plants and products. Combined to our effectiveness and to our quick response, this allows us to conduct your project in a record time. Our crew of graduate technicians will take care of your plants, what makes them 100% guaranteed. When needed, plants are replaced quickly and at our own expense.

Finally, our inventory is also available for retail purchase online.

Trust us

More than 1,500 commercial customers and a large number of individuals entrust us with their plants, many of them since numerous years. We wish to develop a long-term relationship with our clientele and we work very hard to make your environments more pleasant and healthy with the addition of greenery.

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